Can I submit my own custom artwork through PrintPlayer?

Unfortunately, no. The templates provided are as is and are not able to be custom tailored past the point of the personalization tool on the site.

Can I place exact re-orders?

You can only place exact re-orders for orders placed on PrintPlayer. Complete order history is still available at yourwilmer.com.

How will my order be shipped?

Standard UPS Ground is the default shipping for all orders unless you have a specified carrier.

Can I add bank logos?

Currently, there are no bank logos in our logo library.

Can I email my proof?

Although you can, you may not use the same email address for the “From:” and “To:” fields. This option is located in the panel where you customize your imprint item.

Why do I have to re-enter the banking information when I edit or re-order checks?

This is a security measure taken by Wilmer; as we do not store your customer’s banking information in our database.

How do I cancel or edit an order after I submit it online?

You will have to contact customer service by phone at 1-800-494-5637 to make changes to an order or to cancel an order. Please have all order details from your email ready.

Not all Wilmer products are available. Do you plan to add more?

As we continue to improve our online tool we will update it in the future with more products.

Will my customers be able to come to the site and order direct?

No. Please do not share your PrintPlayer login as the site has been created for a dealer facing experience and pricing on the site reflects that. Additionally, anyone trying to register will be verified as an existing Wilmer customer before access is granted.

Can we place an order online with rush manufacturing?

Currently, this feature is not an option.

How do I know that my order was submitted successfully?

You will receive an Order Confirmation to the email you used to sign up for PrintPlayer. Once your order is entered you will receive a second email. Once the order ships you will receive tracking information in a third and final email. You will continue to receive order acknowledgements from Wilmer like you have previously.